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We  represent  to  you  VLADO - Drum player :
( from Bulgaria

   Vlado used to play music and sings since the year of 1989. He's been working with three different bands as a drummer and singer performing rock and pop music basically.

   He has been participating in many concerts, festivals and club gigs. He is a very skilful drummer but he's also a very successful solo and back singer.

   Vlado speaks fluent English. He also speaks an intermediate Croatian language since he has a working experience there.

   His last engagement has been in a local Irish Pub - the most popular venue in his town at those days. He's been a member of a professional young men band performing the everlasting covers and the best-known contemporary hits of the world music charts. They've been entertaining the various audiences there until February 2005.

   Now Vlado work in Mallorca - Spian. He are the member of Internetional Pop-Rock band.

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