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    We  represent  to  you  Percussion Ensemble "POLYRHYTMIA" :
                                        ( from Bulgaria )

   Build in 1976 from the best musicians in the class of Mr.Dobri Paliev who has built the world famous percussion school witch is on the top places in the world.

   The Members of Ensemble "Polyrhytmia" are:
Iskra Palieva, Antonin Brjechka, Stoyan Pavlov, Maria Palieva, Alexander Tzvetkov, Dobri Todorov, Kiril Petrov, Kiril Stoyanov and Plamen Todorov. Every one of them has a high-qualified job as a musician in Sofia.

   The Ensemble in known by his very successful concerts in Bulgaria, Czech, Poland, Hungary, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Greece, Japan, Russia and many other countries in the world. Their proficiency is highly appraised by the critics all over the world.

   "Polyrhytmia" participated in the most famous festivals and workshops for contemporary music in Zagreb "Biennale", Tunis, Luxemburg, Cuba, Greece and more. They are barrier of a couple prestigious awards of international competitions in Luxemburg, of TV Prague, and France TV's. Their unique repertoire includes most famous 20-century music, arrangements from the classics, folk, Jazz and African Music.

   Their special program includes three music stories for children. "The little sub marine", "The extraordinary trip" and the "Monkey story" witch are combined with lectures and demonstration of the different percussion instruments.
Ensemble "Polyrhytmia" has a numerous audio and video records in Bulgarians, Europeans and Japanese TV's.

   "Polyrhytmia" has over 50 pieces dedicated to it by different composers.

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