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                We  represent  to  you  "LES BELLES DUVAL PREVUE" :
                                                ( from Spain

  Simon K. Duval founded "Les Belles Duval Revue" in 1995 having spent his whole professional career as a dancer working around the world in various cabarets, nightclubs, and theatre restaurants and top class hotels.

  Influenced by the leading floor shows i.e. the Lido, home to the Bluebells and "Moulin Rouge" in Paris, plus his training in Latin American and ball room dancing, Simon created breathtaking taking costumes, auditioned beautiful girls and handsome male dancers and conceived "Les Belles Duval Revue".

  Now "Les Belles Duval Revue" have a vast repertoire of venues under its belt including casino's, 5 star hotels, cruise ships and cultural theatres ("Les Belles Duval Revue" where the first international ballet to appear in the cultural theatres of the the Peoples Republic of China) and have been featured in various global adverts including swatch watches and the various functions presented by the Hindustan times news paper in India.

  Simons love for dance, music, costume's, gorgeous girls and sophistication has given him the edge on the way he produces the various shows each tailor made to fit every venue so as to be able to work in different countries in various religious beliefs.

  Whether you require a lavish spectacular dance show or a more risque cabaret style on the lines of the crazy horse you can always rely on the quality expected from the "Les Belles Duval Revue".

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