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        We  represent  to  you  KRIS  -  Accordionist :
                               ( from Bulgaria

   Kris -vocal, keyboard, guitar, accordion, bouzouki.

   Education: Music College, Music University
   Profile - singer and instrumentalist
   Experience: He is working as a professional musician since 16 years.

   Kris is working professional from 1995 year.
He performed in Spain, Portugal, Canary Island- Lanzarote, Fuerte Ventura, Cyprus, Israel, Egypt, Russia, Thailand ,South Korea and Switzerland.
   Last working place: Kuwait.
   Spoken languages: English, German, Russian, Greek, Bulgarian

   There repertoire is flexible for all auditory:
Evergreen, Dance, Country Music, POP, Rock and Roll, Latino, Greek, German, Russian, Italian, Korean songs etc.

              If  you  prefer  KRIS  please  contact us.
You  will  receive  a  full  promo  pack   / video , photo  and  all  information /.