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We  represent  to  you  Mr. JIM - Magic Show :
( from Bulgaria )

   The show includes Tricks with Cards, Piece of cloths, Flowers, Bunch of Flowers, Balls, Cigarettes and etc. Swallowing barber's knifes and take out of that with thread.

   Also with the assistant two more tricks:
1. "Magic moving of jacket" (the assistant is without jacket and she is tied with cords. A person from the public, who is with jacket, do check that the cords are strong enough hold. Then that person stands up of front of the assistant. In this moment a screen hides the assistant for about 2-3 seconds and when the screen is take down everybody sees that the assistant was put on the jacket of the person from the public and her hands are still strong tied).
2. "The sack of Harry Hudini" (The assistant is shackle in chains and lock by the padlocks. A person from the public does lock the padlocks and hide the keys. The assistant go in the sack, which was checked from the public, that there are no any holes. Than the sack is bind well. A screen hides the assistant for about few seconds and when the screen is take down the assistant hold the chains and the sack with her hands and for public wondering she is with different dressing).

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