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                          We  represent  to  you  "EX"  Ballet :
                                        ( from Bulgaria

  Qualification: Modern ballet/dance
  02.2004 was set the professional Ballet "EX"
  Lots of participation in local clubs and TV shows.
Bulgaria :
• Hotel "Rila", Borovets,
• weekly, Artistic program Cool House Dali
• Petrich, City Club
•"Amor" Club, Sofia, Artistic program
• weekly, "Caramba" Latino Club, Sofia
• participates in the most famous TV show in Bulgaria at the moment, "Slavi Show"
• recorded a TV clips for a local artist - lots of private parties
• in International Festival for Hairdressers

…and more.

  Very attractive and skilful ballet dancers, the girls are strongli recommended from our agency.

                  If  you  prefer   "EX"  Ballet   please   contact us.
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