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                  We  represent  to  you   Mr.  Michael John - ELVIS :
                                                ( from   CANADA )

                                                    ELVIS  Tribute

                            "NS"  Music  Agency  offers  the  following:

       #1.  ELVIS - The Las Vegas Years Production "Full Tribute as ELVIS PRESLEY" which is one of the Top Professional Elvis Tributes in North America!

       #2.  The Fantastic  "Crooners Production" Michael John in Tuxedo singing songs from Legends such as (Roy Orbison, Tom Jones,Burton Cummings, Gary Pucket, Elvis Presley, Gene Pitney etc...)

    Michael Johnís two productions are excellent for Casino Showrooms , Theaters , Performing Centers , Festivals , Stadiums , Lounges and large Hotel Chains  internationally!
Corporate functions would also love to book either of Michael Johns performances!

                           SIZE OF BAND for the two performances:

    Michael John can perform his Fantastic Crooners Production with a 4-5 piece Band as long as the musicians sing back-up harmony, also there must be sequencing for the Horns (trumpet , sax, trombone , flugle horn etc...)  and  Strings (violin , chello)

    Michael John can perform the  Elvis Show  with only a rhythm section also. The same rules apply as the Fantastic Crooners Production.

       So in summary:
Michael John can perform either concert performance with his full orchestra, rhythm section or professional musicians and  singers/vocalists in the region of the performances and pay/promote them for their talent.

                                          Ladies and Gentlemen,
                                       MICHAEL  JOHN   as   ELVIS !

                  If  you  prefer  Mr.  MICHAEL  JOHN  please  contact us.
     You  will  receive  a  full  promo  pack  / video , photo  and  all  information /.