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We represent to you "SWEETY'S" Trio :

   SWEETY'S band are working together already 2 years. They know each-other very well and you can feel it when they are on the stage. When a band is a "REAL BAND" that is guarantee for success and well done job! Their way of making of show is as on band from 5-6 persons. They try to perform each song by different way and the evenings as a spectacle. The good and powerful sound is a trade-mark of the band and they are working hard to make it better. The range of the songs is very huge and they hope to have a chance to show it to you soon!

   SVETOSLAV "Sweety" - Bandleader - Keyboards, lead Vocal and Programming

   Born in a family of musicians. He passed his childhood in a rehearsals, club and concerts performance on the band of his parents. During the school years he joined to different bands but the best satisfaction and success he reached with a group "Palace" In 1995 they won 1 prize in a national blues-rock festival! Started working as professional musician at the age of 20.

   MARIA - Front Singer.

   She grew up in a family of musician. From 8 years old she began to study singing, and that way she has finished the musical school with diploma as a singer.

   STEFAN - Guitar and Lead Vocal.

   Born in Bourgas town. The love for music he cachet from his father who is a drummer. In age of 6 he starts taking piano lessons. For his 12th birthday he received guitar and LP of Jimmy Hendrix. In 1993 starts professional career. A few years later he goes abroad to Morocco and he met Sweety and join to his band.

   They can speak English , Russian , France and Arabic.


   Morocco , Austria , South Korea and Scandinavian Cruise Ships.

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