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                                  We  represent  to  you  Trio  "SMILE" :
                                                  ( from Bulgaria )

   “SMILE” are a Trio whose name corresponds with their vision.

   With nearly 15 years of experience as a duo “Water Ring” they (Irena and Enriko) have enjoyed success working in various 4 & 5 stars  hotels and resorts in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Cyprus, Cruise VIKING LINE between Sweden and Finland. Their contracts and engagements have taken they to a broad diversity of performances.

   Svetoslava is the youngest member of their smiling trio. She has big experience in music and singing with different bands from duo to sextet in Norway, Finland and Sweden.

   Since forming in 2004, “SMILE” trio have worked in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa mostly for Sheraton Hotels - Starwood Hotels & Resort Worldwide, Inc.

   Their solid musical background (Enriko and Svetoslava are classical piano player and Irena can play an accordion), the very artistic singing and attractive dancing ensure the success of our performances at night clubs and bars. Furthermore the guests could relax with us at the lobby bars with performance in an acoustic way - playing only piano or piano with singing.

   With well balanced repertoire of listening and dancing music, “SMILE” Trio perform songs from golden evergreens through classic 70’s - 80’s disco hits till today's top 40 charts. Good atmosphere and contact with the audience are very important to them. With their experience to “read” the room they successfully satisfy the clients’ requests and they are welcome again everywhere.

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