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                            We  represent  to  you  Trio  "NIKITA" :
                                            ( from Bulgaria )

   Rumen - he plays the guitar professionaly since 1980 and formed bands of jazz-rock and funk music, inspired by artists like Mezzoforte, Spyro Gyra and many more. He had the abillity to play with specifical orchestras classical and characteristical music. Thanks to his experience, "NIKITA" trio activities were fully covering the most styles of music, successfuly satisfying all the conditions of a professional band.

   Rosana - as a little girl she learned a few years balet and theater. Later,
allthough she was preparing to become analist - programer in computers, Rosana had the chance and started to work professionaly as a modern singer at the Musical Theater from Galatz - Romania . Having passion and a big atraction to music , she started to sing as well with jazz big band.On ship cruises she had the experience to sing in show programs in different languages such as english, french, spanish, greek and italian.

   Kremen - the music of Schubert, Brahms and Tchaikovski opened his way to the musical arts, discovering afterwards a big passion for jazz, pop and rock music. He is a pianist with big professional experience, working in Sweeden, Finland, Germany, Austria, Swiss, Cyprus, in Hotels and on
Cruise ships, finishing last year with U.S.A. In Bulgaria Kremen has worked with celebrities like Margarita Hranova and played many concerts with "Silver Stars" orchestra . He has lately made records in BG national radio, four compositions of his being in Top 100, reason for which is invited on interview with Toma Sprostranov in september 2004.

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