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                     We  represent  to  you  Trio  "MILLENNIUM" :
                                        ( from Philippines )

   MILLENNIUM Trio is the fruit of several years of experiencing different kinds of band formats. Starting off with a big band composed of at least 7 people, trying different things each time, that is, different types of music, different styles of performance, anything that they think may help them to grow into better musicians.

   Due to technology, music has come up with ways of replacing people with machines. The drummer was replaced with a drum machine, the bass, guitar and keyboards with synthesizers and sequencers. So “MILLENNIUM” Trio had to go with the flow and learn the new way of doing music, but that doesn't mean they got rid of what they started with.

   The “MILLENNIUM”   Trio   just uses what they learned from the past together with what they are learning from time to time, making our knowledge of music wider and better. Through the years, songs from several decades ago or songs that their grand parents grew with, even the songs that their parents lived by were learned and loved just as they love the songs of they age. Thus, the group has a little bit of everything; songs from the 60's and even a few from the years before this, the 70's, 80's, 90's and the new millennium.

   “MILLENNIUM”   Trio   classifies their edition of musicians as musicians of the millennium, because they think that as musicians they must do anything and everything that pertains to their lives - MUSIC.

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