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                         We  represent  to  you  Trio  "EXTROVERT" :
                                           ( from Philippines )

   A musically inclined, like-minded, totally synchronized Group of 3, (2+1) members was the very inception of “Extrovert” Trio.

   They have been together since year 2001 and have been performing in Qatar, Bahrain, and Dubai, U.A.E…they feel they are just warming up…today “Extrovert” Trio are totally energetic, ready and set to embark on entertaining other countries music hospitality industry.

   “Extrovert” Trio   are:

Leo Eder - Keyboard and Vocal
Liza Jumalon - Female Front Singer
Clariz Eder - Female Front Singer

   They are zealous because:

  • Cosmopolitan Societies Favorites
    - As they play variety of music in English, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Tagalong.
  • They are one with their Spectators
    - They bring out their best in entertaining their souls.

  • They are their Selves
    - With some of their Original Compositions.

                  If  you  prefer  Trio  "EXTROVERT"  please  contact us.
   You  will  receive  a  full  promo  pack  / video , photo  and  all  information /.