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                      We  represent  to  you  Trio  "BRAVO" :
                                       ( from Bulgaria )

   "Bravo" Trio is a very professional band consisting of a female and two men. The three of them come from Bulgaria. They were born in one of the most beautiful towns of the country, which is very popular with its musical traditions and festivals.

   Let us introduce them :

   Georgy - Keyboard, Vocal.
He is the bandleader. Georgi also is a composer, arranger and studio recorder.

   Sneji - Vocal, Muppet show

   Nikolai - Guitar, Bouzouki (Greek instrument), Mandolin (Bulgarian instrument).

   Bravo's Repertoire is very rich and enormous, including all kind of styles and rhythms: from oldies to contemporary.

   Sneji is a charming entertainer, dancing and involving the audience in the Trio's show. Everybody around feels happy, just jumping and having fun.

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