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                             We  represent  to  you  ROMINA :
                                             ( from Italy )

   ROMINA is a very good singer (also pianist) and a beautiful lady from Italy.
Her Repertoire includes all kinds of music - Pop, Jazz, Evergreens, MTV Hits, Musicals and International hits of 70-90.

   ROMINA has the charm and vividness of the real artiste that she is.
You cannot just pass by her while she's simging or playing her favorite piano, because she would capture your attention as if she's creating a piece of art and you'd feel honored to be the witness of its creation. There's no doubt of her professionalism. She is a real MUSICIAN, which any honorable venue would be proud of.

   Being interested in work in show business, ROMINA may also participate in your show program to make it more varicolored. She is the right choice!

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