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                              We  represent  to  you  NORI :
                                        ( from Bulgaria

   NORI is one of the best female front singer in "NEW SOUND" Agency.
She is simply a great singer and a wonderful dancer.

   NORI has finished a musical school with main subjects - opera singing and piano. So natural and full of energy she is always ready to sing. She has also a talent to speak and sing in every new foreign language she learnes - quickly and fluently.

   The irresistible look in her eyes and the very wide range of her voice leads you to a world of a magic. She was performed on many places in Asia, Africa and Europe.

   NORI is great and professional singer with much experince all over the World and she have a various and rich Repertoire list of over 300 songs.

                     If  you  prefer   NORI   please  contact  us
You  will  receive  a  full  promo  pack   / video , photo  and  all  information /.