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                       We  represent  to you  RONY

RONY - / piano , vocal  and  keyboard /
   She  has  graduated  for Musical  University  with main  subject - piano.
Rony  is  a  real  One woman show , a  very  skilful  piano - and  a  very  good keyboard - player. Her  parents  are  also  musicians with  long  experience  on  the  stage.  She , herself , has  a  very  rich  and  various  Repertoire  list including different  styles  and  languages.  Her beautiful voice enchants  you  like  a  real  magic. She performs everything  from  jazz  and  classics  to  the  last  hits from  the  world  charts  and  she  does  it good. Everybody  likes  Rony.

   Her  musical  career  has  begun  long  ago  and she's  getting  better  and  better.  For  about  5  years
Rony  has  been  in  abroad:  Switzerland , Cyprus , Morocco  and  Germany  working  in  the  best  hotel resorts  there.  She is just good.

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Rony's  performance , contact us.
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