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             We represent to you PLAMEN - One man band Show

   Bulgarian Guitarist/Vocalist entertainer PLAMEN draws upon more than 15th years of performing experience to deliver a versatile and personable presentation. He is equally comfortable performing in a classic, laid back style with an guitar or one that features electronics and a lot of high energy rock 'n roll.

   Plamen's talents are varied and, although he is often heard performing to the beat of ballads or contemporary pop, he is always the die hard romantic. His song list is vast and varied. And he's the type of individual that's always doing all of the little things that make for a lasting impression and successful engagement.

   Over the years, he has performed at the finest resort venues in Bulgaria. More recently, he has had successful European engagements in Antalia Turkie and in Asia - South Korea.

   He is a talented guitarist and entertainer with a smooth vocal style whose performances have met with success everywhere he goes. He is an extraordinary performer who plays guitar with definite style and he is an excellent guitarist who is at the prime of his career.

   Plamen started his career has guitarist at a very young ages, and have been performing professionally for several years until now! He considers himself an outgoing individual who loves music very much. A lot of people consider him a very funny fellow who loves cracking jokes from time to time. But as professional musician!

                        Just  let  him  entertain  you! 
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