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                                    We represent to you ARAXI
                                          ( Lobby Bar Pianist )

   ARAXI is a marvellous piano player. S
he has a long experience of concert activity and also she used to work like a lobby pianist in many countries.

   Araxi possesses just pure talent and lots of experience to be perfect for expressing the beauty of the Music to all kinds of audience!

   Her Repertoire List includes from Jazz / Blues - for example Gershwin’s “Summertime”, to Lennon’s “Yesterday” , from Pop “Love Story” to the famous Russian Romances and classical music.

   Araxi is a very skilful entertainer with a real charm on the stage. She deserves your attention.

                             If you prefer ARAXI please  
contact us.
           You will receive a full promo pack /video , photo and all information/.
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