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                                                   ( from USA

   Tracy Mothershed is a jazz vocalist with an essence and flair of romance and nostalgia in her music. Jazz is a passion that she has always taken seriously and it shows in her presence, style, and most importantly her voice.

   Ms. Mothershed or just plain "Mothershed" as musicians affectionately call her, has been a disciple of jazz since early childhood. Continuing a musical tradition of her accomplished family, she began her musical career at an early age, winning awards and scholarships. "She was singing before she was speaking" as quoted by her mother; thus becoming the first vocal jazz graduate from Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia.

   Tracy's voice has graced a variety of venues internationally: from jazz clubs, stage, screen, festivals, and resorts to private and corporate events. She has performed on historic stages like the Village Gate, Blue Note, and Smalls in NYC to Duc des Lombard, Le Bilboquet, and Le Petit Opportun in Paris...

   Greatness in sound comes from greatness of musicians. Her musical influences come from not only listening to, and being around exceptional musicians but also by performing with them: Weldon Irvine, Ben Riley, Buddy Williams, Larry Willis, Jimmy Scott, Stanley Banks, Alain Jean-Marie, Elios & Boulou Ferre, Derrick Gardner, James Carter, Olivier Gatto... "So little time, so many musicians."

   Her early influences are of Billie Holiday & Dinah Washington, Johnny Hartman, Nat King Cole, Billy Eckstine & Ella Fitzgerald, yet her style has been complimented to that of Ms. Sarah Vaughan. She strives to continue in the tradition founded by these great vocalists. Her tone is smooth and mellow with a deep resonance. Her warm stage presence invites the audience into an intimate look at this lovely lady. It is evident that her soul is one incarnate with the spirit of those who preceded her.

   Known for her repertoire of jazz standards such as: Strayhorn's "Lush Life", Jobim's "Corcovado", Monk's "Round Midnight" and Diz's "A Night In Tunisia", Tracy continues a tradition and a passion for America's classical music.

   Tracy Mothershed... A Sophisticated Style, A Lush Voice and an Elegant Addition to a Treasured Music... Jazz.

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