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                               We  represent  to  you  "SPB" :
                                           ( from Russia

  Kirill Khilko is the bandleader of the "St. Petersburg's Jazz Band" based in Russia.

  It is from 5 to 11 piece professional jazz band and female vocalist with large repertoire.

  This band has a serious experience of working in the 5 star grand hotels Kempinski "EUROPE", "ASTORIA", Corinthia "NEVSKIJ PALACE", 4 stars "Moscow", "Pribaltiyskaja". The "SPB" Band has also been working in Restaurant "FEODOROFF" in New York, as well as in Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, etc.

  The Bands Repertoire List is very rich and various, it spans from Harbah's "Smoke gets in your eyes" to Miles Davis's "Nature Boy" and more. They also have a large amount of instrumentals. "SPB" Band say - "We can play and sing EVERYTHING" and they really do it. That makes them a universal band which means, they are suitable to any kind of venue.

  The number of the band members is variable, depends on the requirement. Top quality performance and flexibility are guaranteed.

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