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                We  represent  to  you  Duo  "SMOOTH"
                                    (from Bulgaria)

   Dani - born on 1981in Bulgaria - ( Vocal , Bass Giutar and Keyboard )
   Qualification: Academy of Music "Pancho Vladigerov" - Sofia, Diploma in Double Bass and Sing.
   She plays Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Keyboard and singing so well.

   Minko - ( Vocal , Guitar , Piano , Harmonica and Keyboard )
   Qualification: University of Music Pedagogic, Shumen - Diploma in Music Pedagogic "A"-Level, performer of Piano and Guitar.
   He plays Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Harmonica and also sing so well.

   "SMOOTH" Duo are a female bass guitar player and the male who can play keyboard, guitar, piano and harmonica - they play and involving the audience in their show, it's just worth to be seen. Now they play along different clubs.

   This Duo have huge repertoire of Jazz, R&B, Country, Evergreens, 50'-60' and some instrumental music.

   "SMOOTH" Duo experience include gigs in Norway, India, Cyprus, U.A.E. and Bulgaria.

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