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                            We  represent  to  you  OMEGA :
                                           ( from USA

   A dynamic artist whose supercharged vocals bring music to life and crowds to their feet, Omega Bone has traveled the world, delivering dazzling performances in Jazz, Musical Theater, Gospel, Soul and even Classical music. Omega's exciting sound can rock any party and bring down any house.

   In her 15 years of performing for audiences around the world, Omega has wowed crowds with performances in Michael Jackson's 1993 Super Bowl halftime spectacular; the L.A. production of Hallelujah Mahalia!; the Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers' production of Carmen; the Pasadena Pops Symphony Orchestra's Porgy and Bess; and a soul-stirring rendition of "What the World Needs Now", accompanied by Burt Bacharach in the September 11th Interfaith Remembrance Service.

   Omega has performed in Germany with Greg Gaynair, Pamela Falcon, and Ron T., toured Brazil with the Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers, and taken the stage with Creative Response in their South African production of Voices for Peace and L.A.'s City at Peace. Omega's considerable talents extend beyond vocals, having co-written both Creative Response productions, choreographed a number in City at Peace, and composed and recorded the featured tune, "I Want Him Back."

   Omega's love of music, and of sharing that love with an audience, drives her to give her all in every performance. It's a love that's always tangible among the crowd, and part of what makes her such an electrifying performer. Omega's the breakout star that can make your band, your party, your recording session or live production shine!

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