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                        We  represent  to  you  Duo MOULANN & MARK :
                                                 ( from Canada )

  Moulann and Mark have been performing together for close to a year. They have a unique sound that blends together elements of traditional jazz with more recent popular styles. They have an extensive song list including many popular standards and are constantly learning new repertoire.

  Mark is a graduate of the University of Toronto's jazz performance program.   Moulann is a graduate of York University, specializing in classical piano and voice.
Work experience:
  They perform regularly in Toronto and in surrounding areas at restaurants, private functions, hotels, clubs, and cultural events. They maintained a jazz gig at Kabuki, a classy Japanese Restaurant, for close to four months - beginning in October of 2003.
In February of 2004, they were flown down to the United States to perform at a special event at Yale University.
  In June of 2004, Moulann was subsequently flown down to San Francisco for another important performance. Moulann and Mark just recently performed in front of thousands at "Night Market", an annual Chinese cultural festival, showcasing their talents as a duo.
  Their versatility as musicians allows them to adapt easily to challenging musical situations. Mark plays both piano and guitar and, therefore, can add several layers and textures as an accompanist. Furthermore, because Moulann is an accomplished pianist, she is able to accompany herself.
  Lastly, Mark is also a jazz vocalist, having sung in the University of Toronto's vocal jazz ensemble for three years.
  Thus, although they are but two musicians, they can provide five musical services.   Their collective goal is to continue growing as musicians and performers and pursue playing opportunities abroad.

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