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        We  represent  to  you  MARY's QUARTET :
                            ( from Canada

   Mary's Quartet is composed of Marie-Claude Long on vocal, Eric St-Jean on piano, Frederic Grenier on bass and Ugo Divito on percussion.

   Marie-Claude Long is a surprising new voice on the jazz scene. She has always been alive with music. She has focused her writing and performing efforts in Montreal for the past seven years. Now that jazz has become a huge part of her life, she is ready to give her best. For her, this is easy.
To understand, all you have to do is listen and watch her perform.

   The three excellent musicians that accompany her have proved their talent mostly in Montreal, but also around the world.

   Mary's Quartet is the perfect way to give an evening the intoxicating ambiance of "seductive jazz". With a standard repertoire, they brilliantly add a touch of blues and French jazz.

   You can also propose some changes to the repertoire or the number of musicians depending on the kind of event you are holding.

   If  you  prefer   MARY's QUARTET   please  contact  us
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