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                          We  represent  to  you  MARIA JOHNSON :
                                                 ( from USA

   Her music life begins at the age of 6 when she would sit and listen to her older sister take piano lessons. After each of her sister's lessons she would try to play what she had heard and music has never left her since then, Maria says. She becomes the church organist while in High School and in college sings with a folk band while also organizing and leading a gospel choir.

   Her first jazz band has been formed in 1981 after her returning from a vacation in Europe where she played at Cafe Einstein in West Berlin. Whenever she vacationed she sought music venues to perform in, including the Hyatt Regency (Cancun, Mexico), The Blackstone in Chicago, Illinois and in New York City.

   She's been performing professionally in Ankara, Turkey; Chicago, Illinois; Casablanca, Morocco; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Phnom Penh, Cambodia. "Her voice is delicious," states a Woodlands Country Club member. "She had the most successful band in the Hotel's history," says the General Manager of the Hilton Hotel in Ankara. Having the opportunity to perform with Saxophonist Horace - Alexander Young, drummer Sebastian Whittaker, and saxophonist Shelly Carrol of the Duke Ellington Orchestra helped add dimension and maturity to Maria's music. She had played receptions for some of the world's greatest people including Dick Clark, Bishop Desmond TuTu and Oprah Winfrey. Though business management has been her main profession through 1996, music has been always and will always be her main passion.

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