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                                                We  represent  to  you  JULIE :
                                                              ( from UK

   This native born Londoner first began performing as a teenager with a 'Northern Soul' Band.
After spending time on the road touring, covering the English club circuit and intoxicated with her love for and success on the stage, she left London to explore and take advantage of all the opportunities other European countries had to offer in the field of music.

   She eventually took up residence in Switzerland where she regularly performs wowing audiences with her deep throated, passionate tones accentuated by her spontaneous, natural dance movements resulting in a strong and explosive stage presence. Speaking fluently both English and German has proved to be a great advantage in conmmunicating with her audience.

   Perfectly located to be able to travel with ease around Europe, she has also taken her show further afield, adding the exciting city of Dubai to her resume. Julie is also no stranger in the studio. Over the years her voice has graced a number of tracks, through her work as a session vocalist and having recorded her own personal compositions.

   Live Shows
   Her versatile style is suited to all events from providing a calm and relaxing accompaniment to fine dining events to being able to create a real party atmosphere, where she effortlessly brings a room to life, the audience to their feet. This glamorous and sophisticated performer is able to provide an entertainment of the highest calibre. Well suited to high profile corporate events, weddings, birthdays, hotel bars, clubs, dinner and dance.

   Her exciting and energetic shows showcasing a deep, unique powerful voice bear the unmistakable influence of her own self confessed idol, Tina Turner.

   With her charisma, professionality, warmth and a wealth of experience, she posesses the ability to draw the whole audience to her completely involving everyone in her show.

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