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                                We  represent  to  you  JUDY JOUBERT :
                                                      ( from UK

   From the sultry jazz songs of Ella Fitzgerald and raw blues voice of Janis Joplin….. to the sweet melodies of Whitney Houston and the smooth sophisticated voice of Barbara Streisand celebrated artist JUDY JOUBERT
can switch effortlessly through them all….. no problem.

   Judy's career has spanned three continents from the United States, Europe and South Africa. From Cabaret to Featured artiste to television shows and film sound tracks Judy's success has been attributed to her powerful husky voice and her ability to sing in a variety of styles although her passion is jazz and blues.

Las Vegas, South Africa, Dubai.
CONCERTS - ELLIS PARK Concert in the park (100,000 people) Rand Easter Show.
THREE ARTS - theatre in Cape Town.
TELEVISION - Jazz Music 1985 1 Hr Show for Channel 1 SABC.,Tele Music 1986,
Popshop 1986, Prime Time 1986.
CINEMA - Theme song for movie "Playing with Fire".

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