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                   We  represent  to  you   JANELLE :
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   With the rich texture of her voice and her immeasurable sense of creativity,
Janelle has spent most of her life capturing the hearts of music lovers. Born and raised in the suburbs of Toronto , Canada , this young singer/songwriter has spent years performing in the styles of Jazz , R&B, Pop , Latin , Classical , Electronica and Gospel music.

   Starting out as a classical pianist at the age of seven ,
Janelle also grew up singing along to Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder records. All the while , a young imaginative songwriter was blossoming as she spent her after-school hours writing melodies and lyrics. Her quiet and reserved nature disappeared on stage when she began singing and dancing in front of audiences , including musical theatre productions “Jesus Christ Superstar” and “Little Shop of Horrors” , and singing and modeling in fashion shows.

   She began seriously studying vocal music in high school with successful Canadian vocal coach,
Bill Vincent , a teacher to many including recording artists Amanda Marshall and Raine Maida. Her hard work and dedication later led her to graduate with honours from Toronto’s renowned Humber College Jazz Program , where she spent four intense years studying jazz, R&B , and Latin music.  She was honoured with the Vocal Award in her second year and the Metal Works Studio Award in her graduating year.

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