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                        We  represent  to  you  "FULL MOON" Trio:
                                              ( from Belarus )

   "Full Moon" trio was formed in 2001, and in their native country Belarus, have performed in many of it's top Hotels and Night Spots. As well as performing nightly, they have taken part in Jazz festivals in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Poland and Belarus. They have all gained their experience and reputation performing with some of their own country's top musicians, as well as internationally.
   Some of their top engagements in Belarus include performing at the
Hotel Minsk in 2002, Hotel Belarus (West World Club) - 2003,
Casino Princess - 2004, Casino Belaya Vezha in 2005 and Casino Rubin -2006.
   Svetlana has also made a reputation performing with other top local bands and has enjoyed considerable success as a lyrics writer for Belarusian and Russian recording artists. From 2005 - 6 she worked on Star Cruises, with another band, on the Super Star Virgo.
   Vladimir was part of the local pop-rock band Interpol, and as their lead vocalist and keyboardist, released several CD's during the 1990's. Songs from their last album charted the Belarus national top 20!
   Vitaly was formerly lead guitarist of the Belarusian ethnic band Troitsa. They released a CD in Holland and toured all over Europe.

   "Full Moon" 3 piece band boasts a charismatic and irresistibly charming female singer, ably backed by two gifted male guitarists, who have the added advantage of singing with her. These three gifted Artists know how to adapt their performance and musical approach to suit a range of audiences and international venues.

   "Full moon" share a mutual passion for their music, which usually has
the audience spellbound, wanting more!

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