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           We  represent  to  you  Duo  "TWO TRACKS"
                                  (from Bulgaria)

Duo "TWO TRACKS" are :

   JENIA - Vocal , Keyboard and Tamborine.

   MONCHO - Vocal , Guitar , Bass Guitar, Keyboard.

   Born on 1983, JENIA is so young and professional singer and musician. She dance and play like a real world star.

   When MONCHO is in the stage, he do his best to entertain the people perfectly and his playng in the guitar and vocals also are so professional.

   "TWO TRACKS" Duo can make one of the best tribute "ROXETTE" Show.

                              WORK EXPERIENCE :

2002 - "Coral Beach" Hotel - Paphos, CYPRUS
2003 - "Cynthiana Beach" Hotel - Paphos, CYPRUS
2004 - "Jnan Palace" Hotel - Fes, MOROCCO
2005 - "Belek Beach" Hotel, Golden Beach" Hotel, "Golden Coast" Hotel - Antaliya, TURKEY

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