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    We  represent  to  you  "TALISMAN"  Duo :
                       ( from Bulgaria

   “TALISMAN” Duo was founded in 2006. The two musicians are very experienced and skilled, with a huge professional background.   

  Albena is a singer and a piano player.
  Nicolai - guitarist and singer.

   The last six years they had a lot of gigs in Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, South Korea, Holland, Bulgaria.

   Albena and Nicolai used to perform together in Mediterranean Guitars Band, Albena had a gig with Pepero Band in South Korea.

   “TALISMAN” Duo is a flexible and versatile band, covering different styles of music.
     In the promotional materials you can find three types of presentation of the band:

• Piano, acoustic guitar and vocal-jazz standards;
• Keyboard, electric guitar and vocals-pop rock;
• Acoustic guitar, percussion and vocals-Spanish, Italian, French, English songs.

  TALISMAN” Duo fits to all kinds of venues - restaurants, pubs, lobby bars, jazz and piano bars, private functions and others.

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