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                          We  represent  to  you  Duo  "SUNRISE"
                                             (from Bulgaria)

   Duo "SUNRISE" (Elmira and Rudi) has been working together since the beginning of 2003. They are a superb combination of 2 strong lead voices, keyboard, guitar, acoustic piano and violin. Their credo - flexibility, their message - fun, excitement, energy and plenty of great music! "SUNRISE" duo are devised to meet the challenges of constantly changing fashions and requirements.

   Contracts have taken "SUNRISE" to a broad diversity of venues - Norway (Bristol Hotel, Hanko Hotel, Loenfjord Hotel, MS Trollfjord ), Turkey (Golden Coast Hotel, Magic Life Hotels, Aidyn Bay Hotel, etc. ), The Mediterranean - From Greece to Spain and Portugal (MY Princess Tanya, MY Annaliesse), the island of Crete, Greece (Vritomartis Hotel).

   Good atmosphere and rapport with the audience are very important to duo "SUNRISE". They pride themselves on being able to cater for all ages and, with our considerable experience, the ability always to "read" the room and mould each set to reflect what each venue and audience require, whether it would be for soft background, strict tempo dancing, ballroom or party nights.

                   If  you  prefer  Duo 
"SUNRISE"   please  contact us.
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