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                         We  represent  to  you  Duo  "SO MUCH"
                                              (from Bulgaria)

   Svetlana "Lana" Krasteva was born in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her musical training was taken at Bulgaria's National Academy for Theatrical and Movie Arts.

   Later she obtained her Master's degree as Musical Director at New Bulgarian University. LANA is classically trained singer with a huge repertoire of songs in English, Spanish, Hawaiian, Japanese, and Korean. She also plays the keyboards.

   Tihomir "Tim" Krastev was born in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. He attended the Musical College of Rousse where he studied clarinet and piano.

   TIM is Bachelor of Musical Arts at New Bulgarian University where he kept developing his skills as a jazz saxophonist. He sings and is also an accomplished performer on piano and synthesizers.

   “SO MUCH” Duo love entertaining their audiences and have been doing so throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas since 1999!

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