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                                           We  represent  to  you  Duo  "SARAY"
                                                            (from Bulgaria)

   ANITA - Professional Singer
Key qualification: 1981 - win the First category for singing Music expertise
Education:Master's degree in Mechanic Engineer
1974 - Secondary education, Mathematics School in Lovech 1977 - 1978 - A year in Technical University "Taxim" in Istanbul, Turkey - 1980 - Graduate education as a mechanic engineer at Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria - Professional realization and experience: 1974- 1977 - Singer in pop group 1980 -1985- The chief of women vocal trio"Ålectra" A several professional songs in Radio Sofia & studio "Balkanton" and more.
1989-1990 - Professional Singer in Cyprus and Libya
1990-1998 - Trade company
1998 - Establisher of "Saray "Music company -for the ethnic music. Own digital studio and transport.
1998 - Producer for the first music album included Turkish music famous composer Yuksel Ahmedov 1999 - participation in election-concert in Bulgaria where lives Turkish minority 2001-2002 -Multi-Ethnic broadcasting "Channel -3" - "Chaplet of Fortune " - 8 programes
2002 - Participation in concerts by "Saray" Music Company for the Muslim celebrations

   YUKSEL - Profession: composer and musician
Education: 1974 - 1976 - graduate education, Bulgarian State Music Academy
Professional realization and experience:
Numerous participations with songs, own creative works and records in the programs of Bulgarian National Radio and the Turkish Section of the Bulgarian National Radio. Annual spring councourses in the National Radio, the Muzikalna Stulbitsa Program and others
1976 - 1978 - musician in Diana Express /the group works under the Concert Directorate/
1978 - 1988 - manager of Phonoexpress /the groups worked under the State Union Music/
1989 - 1998 - member of Koukeri/one of the most popular concert bands in Bulgaria/
1997 - 2002 - composer and sound director in a record studio for ethnic music of Music House Saray, Sofia
Concert Activities - tours abroad:
1976 - concerts with Rondo in former Russia
1978 - concert tour with Phonoexpress in Poland
1983 - concert tour with Phonoexpress in former Russia
1989 - concert tour Koukeri and Tramvay #5 in former Russia
1989 - 1998 - work as a musician in many countries like Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Holland, England
Copyright Music Products:
1984 - music album of Phonoexpress
1996 - music album of Koukeri
1998 - first music album in Turkish of Music House Saray

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