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      We  represent  to  you  Duo  RACHEL & JON
                                 (from UK)

   Rachel Weston and Jon Cann are a piano and vocal duo with a high quality, professional and enigmatic sound. They have a laid - back, yet sophisticated style, playing a wide range of jazz, soul and Motown classics. Their repertoire includes songs by such artists as Aretha Franklin, Eva Cassidy, Joss Stone, Carole King and Dido.

   Having been involved in various different musical projects over the years, both also sharing a passion for samba drumming and tango, Rachel and Jon came together as a duo a year and a half ago. Since then they have developed their unique sound performing each new song because they enjoy it and personalising each one with their own musical style.

   Their performances suit a wide range of audiences and venues, especially restaurants and bars with a relaxed 'lounge' or 'cocktail' atmosphere. They are the perfect accompaniment to an evening of fine dining, drinking and socialising, whether this be at a party, wedding or restaurant/bar.

   Rachel and Jon perform all over Norfolk and have sung at The Assembly House, St. Petersfield Hotel, various private functions and regularly at Cafe Bar Marzanno in The Forum.

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