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      We  represent  to  you   "ONE THE TOP"  DUO :

Albena  (vocal and synthesizer) and Dimitar Stoyanov (synthesizer, saxophone, clarinet, music computer programming and vocal) establish the vocal and instrumental duet in 1994 in Sofia - Bulgaria.
Before 1994 
Albena  has worked with other groups in Bulgaria and abroad and  Dimitar  has taken part in Brass and Dixieland bands in Bulgaria , Austria , Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland.

  The repertoire of the duet includes hits of the world , pop , rock and jazz music , evergreens , Russian romances , Italian , French , German , Spanish and Latin America songs , folk and popular music of Balkans.

  Both of them have musical education and speak Russian, German , English and Serbian.

  "On The Top"  has long professional experience in Bulgaria and abroad. Gathering all their musical   and vocal  skills in perfect harmony.

Albena and Dimitar do their best for the audience and try to fulfil all their musical whishes. A wonderful team and splendid entertainers, ladies and gentlemen:
  "On The Top" Duo!

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