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                          We  represent  to  you  Duo  "M&M"
                                         (from Bulgaria)

   MILENA - Vocal and Violin.
   She was born in 1980 and starts to play a violin on 6 years old. When she is in the school, she has many performances on the amateur stages.
Later she is falling in love in the singing, and starts to learn it. She becomes a professional singer in the special musical school in Shumen town. Then she is inviting to sing in many places in Bulgaria.
   Then she meets Martin and they make the duo "M&M", and start their carrier.

MARTIN - Keyboard, Piano, Guitar and Vocal.
   He begins to learn piano from 6 years old. Later he is interested in of keyboards and become a professional musician.
   Martin performing in many towns in Bulgaria with different kind of formations.
   After the meeting with the pretty lady and the very good singer Milena, they both decide to make together the beautiful duo "M and M". They start to work very hard about to make a large repertoire and it was with success.

   At 2003 they start working in Italy. There they work with many local musicians in many performances in all over the country.

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