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                 We  represent  to  you  Duo  "LOVE STORY"
                                         (from Ukraine)

   "Love Story" Duo consists of Yuriy and Ganna which are real professional artists. Let us introduce them:

   GANNA - ( Piano, Vocal, Synthesizer )
   From early childhood music was part of her life. When she was five I made her first steps in the world of music - she went to music school for children. Then there has been years of studies first in the college and later in the conservatoire.
When Ganna was a student she organized a vocal Jazz Band, where she's been a pianist. In 1998 their group was entitled to open the International Jazz Festival "Autumn Leaves" that was broadcast on the Radio.
She's been happy to have a chance to take part in concerts and be on a professional stage. She's been traveling to such countries as Spain, Portuguese, Latvia, Germany, Japan etc.

   YURIY - ( Piano (acoustic / electro), Synthesizer, Organ, Guitar and Saxophone )
   Music has always been part and parcel of Yuriy's life. He's been performing at many Jazz festivals as a pianist (electro / acoustic piano, synthesizer) in different groups. Yuriy has participated in an International Jazz festival "Jazz'97", Moscow (Russia), 1997. He's a winner of the Grand prix and a nominate for the best Jazz and Pop Group in 1997 year ("Master Jazz Band", vocal and instrumental group)
He also has been a participant in the International Jazz Festival "Autumn Leaves", Kyiv (Ukraine), 1998. He's been a part of "Melody" band. Yuriy has written a number of soundtracks for 3 Ukrainian movies, a number of songs and arrangements. In 1997 I was awarded a title of "The Best Arranger'97 of Ukraine".

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