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             We  represent  to  you   DUO  "IMPRESSION"

   Peter - / saxophone , keyboard , guitar , vocal / - He  is  a  light person , emotional  musician  and  singer.  Playing  various styles  of  music , Peter  has  been  working  predominantly  with german  and  german  speaking  tourists  in  Switzerland , Germany  and  the  remaining  time  in  the  best  Bulgaria's famous  resorts  again  with  foreigners.  A  huge  Repertoire  list including  all  kinds  of  the  world  cover  hits  as evergreens , standarts , dance , latino , rock-and-rolls  and  more , makes him an  universal  entertainer.

Tanya - / violin , vocal / - Professional  violinist  performing different  music  styles  from  the  famous  classical   pieces  to the  last  top  hits  in  the  world  cover  music , Tanya  is  a  real artist!  She  sings , dances , playing  her  violin  like  a virtuoso , she  deserves  the  name: perfect  entertainer.  She , herself  has been  playing  on  tour  in  United States , also  in  several Mediterranean  cruises  together  with  Peter.  Together  their  duo has  a  successful  tour  in  South Korea , Asia  and  Ferries.
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