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                    We  represent  to  you  Duo  "HOT"
                                  (from Romania)

   Stefan (Keyboard and Vocals) is a skilful musician, a keyboard player.

   Diana (front Singer) is a wonderful female singer. Talented and pretty, she was born for the stage.

                          WORK EXPERIENCE :

1988 - 1996 - Japan - Yokohama - eight contracts in "Alte Liebo" restaurant & "Yokohama Hotel"
1997 - Qatar - playing one month on the ship" Triton"
1997- Holland - Norway - Sweden - International folk festival
1998 - 2001 - Japan - three contracts in Tokyo "View Hotel" & "Belvedere Bar"
2001 - Greece - playing on the ship "Olympic Voyager" around Egypt, Italy, Turkey & Greek Islands
2002 - Japan - Nagoya - Hotel Kusakabe"
2004 - South Korea

   Stefan and Diana have a big Repertoire containing: Evergreens, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Classical, Jazz & even Japanese and Korean music.

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