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                      We  represent  to  you  Duo  "FASHION" :
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  Denny - /vocal , keyboard , piano/ - finished musical school with main subject - piano. She was born on 1980. Beautiful as a "queen of the night" , young and talented , her alt voice sounds softly as a velvet.

  Nasko - /vocal, guitar / - he has an absolute charm and a wonderful voice. All women are in loved with him. He has an enormous Repertoire List which includes: Evergreens, Rock-and-Rolls , Standards, Reggae , Latin , Pop and all Top hit covers.

  Not only as solo vocal singers, Denny and Nasko perform also as chorus vocals in their band thus showing their professionalism and flexibility.

  Before establishing Fashion Duo its two members have a long time experience in abroad , working with different bands in Scandinavia , Luxembourg , Switzerland, Germany as well as in Bulgaria. But now, together, Denny and Nasko are in their perfect shape for being the right stuff: "FASHION" Duo.

  They sing in many languages like English , Italian , Portugal , Spanish , German and more.

  "FASHION" Duo  is a good team and everybody likes them.

If you prefer  Duo  "FASHION"  please  contact  us. You will receive a full promo pack /video , photo and all information/.
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