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   We  represent  to  you  Duo  "FANTASY"
                       (from Romania)

   Flavi and Mary had formed "Fantasy" Duo in 1995.
   "Fantasy" Duo has over 500 songs in their Repertoire, ranging form the 50' to the latest top hits. The song list is updated frequently with top entries , jazz standards and if some guest request a song that is not on their list , the next evening he can hear it.
   Their performance could vary from a quiet acoustic piano - lounge style evening, to a hot high tech - high-energy rock/dance night. The keyboard setup can be easily turned into a Karaoke system to please the guests that want to try their talent.
Until January 2001 Mary and Flavi continued to perform as a duo in Norway and in February 2001 "Fantasy" Duo signed their first contract in Asia at the one of finest Indian hotels: the "Taj Mahal Hotel" Bombay.
   In July 2001 the band got its first contract in 4-piece formula. They performed in Nagoya, Japan. After that, the group had a great success at the one of the largest Marriott hotels in Asia.
Mary now has a very large Repertoire, from the oldest standards to the hottest current top hits. She also plays acoustic guitar and does a great job playing rhythm guitar and percussion. Mary is a very dynamic singer and sings in Italian , Spanish, French , Swedish , Chinese , Norwegian , Portuguese , Hindi and Japanese.
   Flavi speaks a fluent English, good Norwegian and he's able to sing in Spanish, Italian and Swedish. The piano is his favorite instrument and he could play hours of easy listening music. He is also a computer hobbyist, he loves to write music and edit audio and video materials.

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