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                           We  represent  to  you  Duo  "BUTTERFLY"
                                                (from Bulgaria)

   DENISLAV - /Keyboard, Piano, Accordion and Vocal/

   DORA  -  /Vocal/
    These  two  great  musicians  are  specialized  in performing  classics  and  the  best  known  piano  pieces and  musicals  in  the  world .   Their  Repertoire  includes also  a  rich  amount  of  all  cover  styles  known  as evergreens , standarts  and  more.

    A  successful  combination  between  his  serious professionalism  and  intelligent  looking  and  her  fine appearance  enchants  you  immediately.

Good sense of the audience and quick response to their wishes  Duo "BUTTERFLY" are attractive and have very professional stage presence.
They worth it!

                        If  you  prefer  Duo 
"BUTTERFLY"   please  contact us.
         You  will receive  a  full  promo  pack   / video , photo  and  all  information /.

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