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                               We  represent  to  you  Duo  "BLUE DIAMONDS"
                                                       (from Bulgaria)

   So refreshing as a vision and an attitude “BLUE DIAMONDS” Duo make people with different culture and tastes feel comfortable listening to their music.

   Before establishing “BLUE DIAMONDS” Duo its two members have a  long time  experience  in  abroad, working with different bands  in  as  well  as  in  Bulgaria. But now, together, “BLUE DIAMONDS” Duo is in their perfect shape for being the right stuff.

   They sing in many languages like English, Italian, Portugal, Spanish, German and more.

   Not  only  as  solo  vocal  singers , “BLUE DIAMONDS” Duo perform also  as  chorus  vocals  in  their  band  thus  showing  their  professionalism and  flexibility.

   “BLUE DIAMONDS” Duo occurs to be a very successful and professional duo and this is because of the reason that they play the fantastic combination of keyboard, piano and two voices like real virtuosos.

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"BLUE DIAMONDS"   please  contact us.
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