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                 We  represent  to  you  Duo  "BASE TWO"
                                       (from Bulgaria)

Some years ago Galina and Yordan made the Duo "BASE TWO". Then their carrier started.

   "BASE TWO" Duo is high-top professional duo with much experience in performing musical business. They are able to play on parties, lobbies, night clubs act. Their repertoire includes songs from evergreens to top songs of the day.

   The languages which are they singing are so different. They sing on: English, Italian, Russian, Bulgarian, Spanish and German.

   Their performances in Scandinavia, Kuwait, Turkey and Germany were completely successful and always were attached with re-contracts.

   Galina and Yordan are very professional musicians and they can guaranty that you will be luck if you book them in your venue!

               If  you  prefer  Duo 
"BASE TWO"   please  contact us.
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