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                          We  represent  to  you  Duo  "A2"
                                       (from Bulgaria)

   In Bulgaria Angel is called "The Bulgarian Jean Michael Jarre" and is one of the most popular in electronic music. He has already published five author's albums. In 1998 he got the winner prize of the "John Kennedy Center" in Washington - USA with the song "Ludo Mlado". He is owner of "The Golden Phenomenon" statue for 1995.
Monsieur Angel ANDONOV plays all kinds of synthesizers, acoustic and electric guitars, bass guitar, drums and percussion.

   LILI was born in Sofia. Lily's voice is really special - soft, deep and velvety nice good to listen at any time. She plays the synthesizers, acoustic guitar, percussion and she is one of the lead vocals.
   This lady wear the shortest skirts in the world, change hair color according to the costumes and she never stay in one place - dancing, jumping having fun.

   "A2" Duo's Professional Experience together :

   In 2002 "A2" Duo signed a contract for one year in Korea Republic. The beginning of their tour in Korea is 1.11.2002 and they performed till July 2003. The first stage, that they performed, is "Murphy's" in deluxe hotel "Marriott" - Pusan. After that they work in the capital Seoul - deluxe hotel "The Westin Chosun".

   The duet "Lili & Angel"- "A2" save reach experience on the stage and big repertoire including English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian and Korean songs.

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