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            We  represent  to  you  "FANTASIA" :
                            ( from Bulgaria

   TANYA was born in Varna, Bulgaria on the 1985. She started playing piano at the age of six. Between 1992 and 2004 Tanya studied in the National Art School -"Dobri Hristov". In that period she took part in lots of concerts and workshops. Between 1990 and 1995 she was a member of the "Varna's Child Opera" , as well as "The Bulgarian-Greek Music Society".
   In 2004 Tanya was accepted in the Bulgarian National Music Academy "P. Vladigerov", where she became a student of the renown teacher and educator Prof. Dimo Dimov.
   Her last festival participation was on 08th of May in the Sofia Chamber Music Festival 2006 which is organized and sponsored from the Austrian Embassy in Sofia. On this competition, her chamber group won the price for Mozart's interpretation.
   The last few years Tanya took part in the workshops and master classes of the world renowned players/educators Tamara Padubnaya, Nathalia Petroshenko, Yuri Bukov and Milena Mollova.
In the last eight months Tanya had experience in South Korea.

   MAYA was born on 1986, also in Varna. She started playing violoncello at the age of ten. In 1994 Maya was accepted to study the violoncello in the National School of Arts -"Dobri Hristov", Varna city. She graduated in 2004 with professional degree "Artist-Instrumentalist". The same year Maya continue study in the National Music Academy "Pancho Vladigerov", where her main subject teacher is the world known professor and educator - Anatoli Krastev !
   Her first stage appearance was in year 2000 when she played on the stage of Varna's State Theater in the production "Rondo" by Arthur Schnitzler. During her study she have participated in several international festivals in Bulgaria and abroad.
   In year 2002 as a member of an orchestra Maya took part in the "Nerpeeld" festival in Belgium, where the orchestra won the third prize! The following year she played in Belfort's Festival (France) as a member of a classical trio. Another important performance Maya took part in, was the International Music Festival -Varna 2003 - It is the most prestigious classical music festival in Bulgaria.
   In 2004 she visited Kiev - Ukraine where Maya played with the Varna's State Infant Opera. As a student in the two most prestigious music schools in Bulgaria she have joined many master classes who were led by one of the most prominent educators/musicians & composers such as: Anatoli Krustev, Stanimir Todorov, Robert Koen, Yang Chang Cho.
   In the last eight months Maya had experience in South Korea.

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