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                  We  represent  to  you   "UNTOUCHABLES"  Band :
                                               ( from UK )

   The "Untouchables" are a fantastic 4 piece band playing Timeless Classic Songs from the 1930's to 1990's… Their wide varied repertoire ranges from MOR Classics, Rock, Pop, Country and Disco to Classic artists such as The Carpenters, Standards, Ballads, Instrumentals, Show Tunes as well as a good selection of Strict Tempo. The band are musically diverse and able to switch styles to suit the mood of the room.

   An experienced, talented 4 Piece Band, their line up consists of: Female Vocalist, Male Vocalist/Guitar, Piano/Keyboards and Bass; this is complemented with sequenced drums. All members of the band sing, producing great harmonies and a full vocal sound…also having both male and female vocalists in the band, gives them the flexibility and scope to play a larger variety of musical styles and artists. They also use some sequencing when needed to give an even bigger range to the music we can play.

   A versatile group with a varied music pad to suit a variety of venues, suitable for both formal and informal surroundings.

   The "Untouchables" can adjust to suit most venues or functions, from providing background music to a party atmosphere. They are ideal for top Hotels and Cruise Ship Lounges where the band can adapt to the feel of the room and time of day…they can play dance music for those wishing to dance… and timeless classics for those people wishing to just sit relax and listen…and if the atmosphere gets lively the "Untouchables" can too!!

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