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                     We  represent  to  you   "TOMIS"  Band :
                                       ( from Romania )

  "TOMIS" band offers you professionalism and versatility, great listening music, great dance music, great entertainment, great value. They can play well and mellow music for dinner, hot and energetic dance music, or any mood in between.

  Florian and Vivian formed "TOMIS" band in 1997. They immediately began performing in the finest nightclubs and hotels in their native Romania,
including famous Black Sea resorts, "Full House" Club in Bucharest and the top venues in Romanian best winter resort of "Sinaia" --- with an extended two year engagement at the famous "INTERNATIONAL" Hotel - Montana. In 2004, they signed on for their initial performances in Djerba,Tunisia. They were a success there from the start, having expanded their repertoire to include pop-rock,dance, country, blues and boogie.

  "TOMIS" band have an international repertoire,we singing in 7 language including English, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Rusian, Gypsi and Romanian.

  Last year "TOMIS" band were delighted to perform in Djerba Tunisia and famous Blick sea resort 'Majestic" MAMAIA.

  Hot or cool ,this dynamic band creates the sound of a full function band, but is economical with space and your budget.

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