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                 We  represent  to  you   "STEFAN"  Band :
                                   ( from Romania )

   The "STEFAN" band based in Romania, an extremely professional and vastly experienced cover band, ideal for Hotels, Pubs, Nightclubs, Cruise ships, etc.

   Their music Band, provide exceptional dance and entertainment, for those who demand the best in live music.

   The repertoire include any kind of music - pop-rock, latino, oriental, evergreens, soft jazz, top 40, disco, 50' - 80' till today, in many languages.

   "STEFAN" Band comprises of 3 female vocalists-dance and keyboarder-vocal.

   They has working in Gemrany, Dubai, Romania, India, Fujairah and Cruise ships.

        If  you  prefer   "STEFAN"  Band    please  contact  us.
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